Morten, Adam, and Magne

my rock and my quakes

How lucky am I! Adam (and probably also Magne when he gets older) loves to be around the horses. Morten…not so much. But he is the silent and very supportive partner.  


Ove Mortensen

owner of Hjortlund stud and Horse Treatment

My successful collaboration with Ove stems from honesty and trust. We have known each other since 2004, and in 2013 we started working together. Ove has created a horse paradise in Esbjerg, and I am honored to call it my base.

He is here pictured with his wife, Ragnhild.


Lisa Sørensen

manager of Hjortlund Stud and Horse Treatment

Lisa has extensive experience handling and treating horses and a keen sense for their wellbeing. Besides managing the stud she runs Hjortlund Horse Treatment that services horses from near and far.

Lastly, Lisa is a very dear friend of my family. 



Annelise Ilsøe


Annelise is my right hand girl. She lives for the horses, and she knows every hair on their bodies. 



Heather Blitz


I love to be inspired and I find great joy in learning. So far Heather has been my primary source of that. From 2002-2006 I was her assistant trainer.

Besides being my biggest inspiration in life she is one of my dearest friends. 



Rune Willum


I started training with Rune in 2014 and he has been great for me. He is a very dedicated trainer and sensitive to the horse. I enjoy his honesty and greatly admire his talent.



Kasper Traczyk Pedersen

webmaster excellence

Kasper is the skilled man behind this homepage. A massive thanks to him!



Tine Bjørnø


Tine is the woman behind many of the photographs you see on this site. I highly recommend a visit to her own page: