About me

My background 

I was born in 1982 and I am married to Morten. Together we have Adam from 2012 and Magne from 2016.

Horses have always been a big part of my life. After graduating high school in 2002 I spent three years as Heather Blitz’ assistant trainer at Oak Hill Ranch, USA. Ever since she has been my primary source of inspiration. 

I returned to Denmark in 2006 and took a masters degree in political science. Horses remained my main focus all through university, and in 2013 I founded “Hermansen Dressage”. 

Hermansen Dressage

I have so much at heart when it comes to horses. They teach me about being present, having empathy, patience, and leadership, and they keep me humble.

The same values are present at Hjortlund Stud and Horse Treatment owned by Ove Mortensen and managed by Lisa Sørensen. Therefore I am delighted to announce that from 2017 onwards I will operate my business from their beautiful estate in Esbjerg and focus my training exclusively on the Hjortlund horses.

Passionate people drive Hjortlund and quality is a cornerstone in their everyday work. The horses are fed from automatic feeders, which create a peaceful environment alongside all the health benefits of many small feedings. Both the indoor arena and outdoor ring have premium quality footing and as a part of the daily routine the horses enjoy dry- or water treadmill and cold water spa when needed.  

In my training program, the horses are worked in dressage 3 days a week. The rest of the week they go for trail rides and spend relaxing time in their big, well fenced pastures. This weekly routine keeps them happy, sound, and highly motivated to play with me.  

My mission is to bring out the best in my horses and to avoid getting in their way. When I was first introduced to Heather and her focus on biomecanics it hit home with me. I have since worked to align with my horses in a way that my balance, energies, and forces match theirs to avoid conflicts of messages and to enable the simplest of aids. And it works wonders.   

I manage my business with a sincere respect for the horses, their owners, and clients in general, and I guarantee an open and honest dialogue. As an add on to my training business, I have a vast network of buyers and sellers worldwide and I help many clients sell their horses or find their next superstar. Contact me to find out more information. I will be happy to assist in any way possible.